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I can extend the date but i think i get this answe...




I can extend the date but i think i get this answer for free, if you read the earlier comment u have mention that "We can only answer your free 3 questions one at a time." so that all i need at this moment just answer to Assignment #K-3 on page 581,Deat tutor, following is the Qustion that i need to get the answer of. This question you can find int the attached file under " "Case1: Eco Product Inc." (Assignment #K question #3 on page 581") "K. 3. some Analysts use a relative value that Uses multiples from comparable firms to estimate the value of a target venture. Table9 contains enterprise value -to-sales information for a number of possible comparable firms for the purpose of valuing eco-products. Estimate the enterprise value of eco-products. What portionof equity ownership should Eco-product be willing to give up for $2million Greenmount Capital Investment?" PLEASE answer ASAP as it was actually due today but i will try to ask for extension.


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