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Eight (8) articles (4 quantitative and 4 qualitati...




Eight (8) articles (4 quantitative and 4 qualitative of your choosing). They need to be summarized in a short position paper (1-2 pages max). Each article should reflects upon the material read and, 1) brief summary of the article; 2) brief summary of the method used in the article; and, 3) own opinion about the article as an overall. The articles should be something like the attached ones, but it can't be them (those can't be used). The articles title is the names of the 8 articles (4 quantitative and 4 qualitative of you choosing). Also, it would be extremely appreciated if you could send me the 8 articles that you're going to be working on before you start working on them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, thank you very much.


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