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5. Actively apply something you?ve learned in clas...




5. Actively apply something you?ve learned in class to your own life by doing something differently as a result of what you?ve learned. That is, select one concept from the class and put it into practice by making a concrete behavioral change. For example, you may choose to apply the guidelines for effective feedback in discussing roles and responsibilities in a team project; or you may use the results of your SAL assessments in considering summer internships or job offers (i.e. fit); or you may have identified a specific personality trait that you need to actively manage so it doesn?t have a negative effect on a situation; or you change your attitude or perception in order to be more successful in a project, task or experience; or you may make a change in your study habits to capitalize on principles of motivation. Reflect on your experience and consider: was it useful? Successful? Inconclusive? Frustrating? What do you think about the concept/idea/framework you explored now that you have personal experience with it?


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