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(5) The Brand Manager of Jello Pudding Cups is con...




(5) The Brand Manager of Jello Pudding Cups is considering adding a new, non-fat line of pudding cups to their existing line of regular pudding cups. She is considering following a segmentation- based target market strategy vs. a mass market strategy by using a bases of segmentation built around flavor preferences, for example, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. (a) Does segmenting the packaged pudding cup market by flavor preferences for the non-fat line make sense? Provide your evaluation of each of the five ?requirements for segmentation? from the text or ?criteria for evaluating a proposed bases of segmentation from my lecture notes? as support for your answer. (b) Would you recommend she still follow some other type of segmentation based target market strategy when adding the non-fat line or would it be better to follow a mass market strategy with variety? Explain? (Ch. 3 and Week Three Lecture notes).


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