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Recording Adopted Budget. The City of Marion adopt...




Recording Adopted Budget. The City of Marion adopted the following General Fund budget for fiscal year 2011: Estimated Revenues: Taxes $3,000,000 Intergovernmental revenues 1,000,000 Licenses and permits 400,000 Fines and forfeits 150,000 Miscellaneous revenues 100,000 Total estimated revenues $4,650,000 Appropriations: General Government $950,000 Public safety 2,000,000 Public works 950,000 Health and welfare 850,000 Miscellaneous 50,000 Total appropriations $4,800,000 a). Assuming that a city ordinance mandates a balanced budget, what must be the minimum amount in the Fund Balance account of the General Fund at the beginning of FY 2011?,Hello, I wasn't sure when I set the due date for this but I actually don't need it until Monday morning (9/24), so if you need a little extra time, it's completely fine. Thanks for your help!


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