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i need to merge Village with MOM's with 80% contro...




i need to merge Village with MOM's with 80% controlling. I paid cash for the merge with MOM's. I can change all numbers except Village. MOM's is made up on my own. I need to do the acquisition date and one year later.,i have to balance all the trail balances for each company Village and MOM's. The dates i picked are Jan 1st so I don't have to do any sales or anything else. I just have to create a Fair Value / Book Value. then show the purchase date of Jan 1, 2012. then i have to show the merge one year later on Dec 31, 2012.,Im getting stuck on keeping the numbers in balance, from the trail to the purchase date on Jan 1, 2012. The numbers for the year 2012 can be made up but they have to balance.


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