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Rain or Shine: An amateur meteorologist wants to...




Rain or Shine: An amateur meteorologist wants to keep track of weather conditions during the past year's three month summer season and has designated each day as either rainy(R), cloudy (C) or sunny (S). Write a program that stores this information in a 3x30 array of characters, where the row indicates the month (0=june,1=july,2=August) and the column indicates the day of the month. Note that data is not being collected for the 31st of any month. The program should begin by reading the weather data in from a file. Then it should create a report that displays for each month and for the whole 3 month period, how many days were rainy, how many were cloudy, and how many were sunny. It should also report which of the three months had the largest number of rainy days. Data for the program can be found in rainorshine.dat file.,Please make sure you accomplish the provided job with provided outline in a C++ environment.,I really hope you can answer it.


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