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trm co established a defined benefit pension plan...




trm co established a defined benefit pension plan in year 5 in year 8 the following information is available service cost 45,000 interest cost 60,000 actual return on plan assets 35,000 expected return on plan assets 40,000 net amortization of unrecognized losses 15,000 if the company contributes 65,000 cash to the pension plan trustee which one of the following journal entries properly records the payment? a- DR PENSION EXPENSE 45,000 DR PREPAID PENSION COST 20,000 CR CASH 65,000 B- DR PENSION EXPENSE 60,000 DR PREPAID PENSION COST 5,000 CR CASH 65,000 C- DR PENSION EXPENSE 65,000 CR CASH 65,000 D- DR PENSION EXPENSE 80,000 CR CASH 65,000 CR UNFUNDED ACCRUED PENSION COST 15,000,Enter your follow up question here...


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