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Help please show how to solve! :) Kyoto, Inc. pre...




Help please show how to solve! :) Kyoto, Inc. predicts the following sales in units for the coming four months: Sales in units April 240 May 280 June 300 July 240 Although each month's ending inventory of finished units should be 60% of the next month's sales, the March 31 finished goods inventory is only 100 units. A finished unit requires five pounds of raw material B. The March 31 raw materials inventory has 200 pounds of B. Each month's ending inventory of raw materials should be 30% of the following month's production needs. The budgeted purchases of pounds of raw material B during May should be: a. 1,418 lb. b. 1,460 lb. c. 1,502 lb. d. 264 lb. e. 283 lb.,Thank you that helps a lot!!!


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