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I need solutions for problems 9,10,14 and 18 and a...




I need solutions for problems 9,10,14 and 18 and an explanation obviously.,Oh i see what you mean i asked the question under the display of an already posted document. I guess you didn't get that. I will repost please see the provided attachment.,Natalia i understand. How about you get me the answers for the last two. I kind of managed to do the other ones. I found an answer online for number 14 but i don't know how exactly they came up with it. If you can do this and work with 18 as well im happy. Thanks,What i meant in the last post in regards to 14 is that i would like a more in depth explanation. Thanks,While you are checking it out let me add also that i am confused where they got the a from. I made some calculations and im not sure if this is where they did so. I have ?040 ax dx=1 (ax2)/2|040=1 a=1/800 So if they got a this cool now im wondering how 1/1600 came about. I know because of my book it says that its 1/S where s is the area but im just not seeing how they got it.,Natalia there is a statement in your document which i believe has a small error: "fX,Y(x,y) = fX(x) fY|X(y|x) = (ax) (1/2x) = 1/800" The x's cancel out and we substitue our previous result of a and now we have 1/1600 which is consistent with the result from the document i gave you. No problem its just a small error now what i would like to know where the 1/2x came from. I see on the other side of the equation that it pairs up with fY|X(y|x)so i guess fY|X(y|x) =(1/2x) but still i would like to know how to solve this. Thanks so far... Albert,OK cool now for part 3a can you do a break down for me on that double integral?,Please read the following document.,Ok here it is...


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