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Determine how many of each project type your team...




Determine how many of each project type your team should take on in order to maximize the profit to your unit given that your marketing team requires you to do at least 1 CRM project, 2 Portal projects, and 1 ERP project each year. - First, write the formulas to solve this problem in your Word document - Next, set up the model in Excel. Please use Solver to solve and save the solution. o Note that your decision variables here should generally be integers; but because we have defined a one-year limit on the analysis, we can accept fractional values. (Use the Simplex LP method to solve the problem and place a checkmark on the option ?Make Unconstrained Variables Non-Negative?) - Either highlight with a color or place a text box at the top or right side of the worksheet to summarize the following: (a) How many projects in each category should your team take on? (b) What would be the total profit for your unit? - In a special case of this problem, you have been told that all of your project managers may not be able to handle all project types. Only 8 of the project managers could work on all projects (i.e., the rest of the project managers can only handle CRM and Portal projects). Express this additional constraint as a formula in your Word document. (If you wish, you can solve the problem with this additional constraint and report the answer in your Word document).


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