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number 4. 1 STA 1053.901: Basic Statistics Fall 2012 Project 1 Applying graphical and numerical methods to describe data (50 points total) A. general guidelines 1. You should work in groups of two or three people on this project. Please report your group members ASAP through email. 2. Please elaborate your projects in MS Excel and copy your results with appropriate interpretations to a MS Word file. Each group will turn in a formal printed write-up with 12 point standard font (for example, times new roman) and 1.5 spacing. List your names and student IDs on the cover sheet of your write-up. 3. You should get started on the project as early as possible. The deadline is Oct, 3. B. Data description The data in the file "raw data for Project 1.xls" concern salary and other characteristics of 52 tenure-track professors in a small Midwestern college collected in the early 1980s. The data were collected from personnel files and consist of the quantities described in the following table. Variable Description Gender female or male Rank professor rank: assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor Year number of years in current rank Degree highest degree: doctorate, or masters YSdeg number of years since highest degree was earned Salary academic year salary, in dollars 2 C. Project tasks 1. (18 points) a. Fill Table 1, a frequency and relative frequency table about the distribution of professor rank for female professors and male professors. Table 1 Frequency Relative Frequency Rank female male female male assistant associate full b. Using Table 1, generate a comparative bar chart to compare the proportion of each rank level between female and male professors in this data set. Comment on this chart. c. Using Table 1, generate a pie chart of professor rank for each gender (indicating the proportions of each category). Describe the charts concisely. d. Using Table 1, generate a segmented bar chart of professor rank for each gender. 2. (6 points) Generate a comparative stem-and-leaf display to compare the salary between the professors whose highest degree are doctorate and those whose highest degree are masters. What do you observe? 3. (8 points) Using relative frequencies, create a histogram of Salary for each gender. Show the frequency and relative frequency tables used for the histogram. Describe what you see. 4. (6 points) Produce a scatter plot for the variables Year and Salary, with Year on the x- axis and Salary on the y-axis. What do you observe? 5. (12 points) Use numerical summaries to produce a box plot of Salary for each gender. Display both box plots on one chart. Set gender on the x-axis and Salary on the y-axis. Indicate the five-number summaries of each box plot and the position of the mean. Explain the plots. How do the two groups differ in terms of Salary?


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