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I need help with this SPSS assignment output. I h...




I need help with this SPSS assignment output. I have attached the instructions..once I get assigned a tutor I will send the data file.,Here is the data file also....,Hi Natalie...I found my answer to my question today and I am working on it. Please work on the SPSS assignment and you can have it for me by Thursday will be no problem..Have a great day!,I will check the solution on Wednesday...Getting a little late out here on the West Coast and I have been working all day on several assignments..I really appreciate your help....,Hi Natalia: Please review the attached Instructions for the assignment..Is the output in .rar correct that you sent..please verify and add or fix the output you send back to me...You can have it back to by Thursday at 5pm is fine...Thanks!,Just in case you need the file again here it is....,One more item is the Grading Rubric..I will complete the final formatting to comply with APA criteria..Again..Your assistance is awesome and I highly recommend you ..I will do a survery by the end of this week on you services...send me back the updated info by Thursday at 5pm and I will appreciate it!,Thank-you Natalia...I appreciate your efforts!,OK Thanks...I will look at it later today and let you know if I have any issues....Thanks again and have a wonderful evening....TJ,Hi Natalie..Will you be available on June 19th at 2:00pm West Coast Time for a question on the assignment? Can I call you or is it better to go through Email? If I can call you please send me your phone #. Thanks, Tim Jenkins,Natalia: I need for you to answer each of these questions based on the file that was sent and you outputed. Please place everything into a word document for submittal. I will clean it up for clarity and APA standards. I am open to which case you select...I need you to run the analysis. Thanks!. I need this no later than Thursday at 12:00 pm ...Thanks! SPSS CORRELATION AND REGRESSION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Read the case studies below and choose the appropriate correlation or regression procedure. Then, using the Correlation and Regression Data Set, run the appropriate correlation or regression procedure, analyze the data, and report the results in a properly formatted APA Results section. Be sure to include the following elements in the Results section: 1. The assumption tests and their results (include graphs if you used them) 2. An adequate report of the descriptive statistics 3. The null hypothesis 4. The results of the statistical procedure 5. The decision regarding the null hypothesis For the purpose of this assignment, do not transform or change any variables if assumptions are not met. Conduct and report the most appropriate parametric procedure; simply note violations. Submit this assignment in a Word document by the end of Module/Week 6. Case Study 1 A fifth grade science teacher wants to know if there is a relationship between final exam scores and overall course points after adjusting for a quiz score. (Hint: In order to be successful, be sure to include a scatterplot to evaluate the various assumptions). Case Study 2 The assistant principal wants to know if students' cumulative GPAs on an 8 point scale can predict students' final exam grades in their fifth grade science class. He wants to predict the final exam score of a student who has a GPA of 8.0. (In order to be successful, be sure to include a prediction equation, an APA-style regression table, and an APA-style scatterplot).,I know you love this these type of questions and you are an awesome tutor and helper...I hope to take you to dinner some day for your efforts! Tim Jenkins


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