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Research an article on a current event that center...




Research an article on a current event that centers on some sort of question or controversial issue. Then describe how you would analyze the situation if you were involved in this event to settle the issue. For example, if the article was about a proposed new law about gun control, you may describe how you would use hypothesis testing to see if tighter gun control laws result in reducing violent crimes. Or if the article was about fighting the increasing gas prices, you could talk about how you would use regression to figure out which factors affected prices at the pump the most. You are free to apply any methodology you have learned so far. Use the template below to ensure you provide sufficient detail about your idea. Summary of the article Briefly describe the current event described in the article. Central question What issue or question you will be focusing on in your analysis? What are the conflicting points of view? Methodology Explain which methodology you will apply. Provide the relevant details. For example, if you are going to use forecasting, explain how you will do that and how you will measure your accuracy. If you will do a regression analysis, explain what will be the dependent and independent variables. Where will your data come from? How will the results from this methodology answer the question you described above?


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