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I need some help to make PowerPoint for: Read t...




I need some help to make PowerPoint for: Read the following article and prepare a presentation to discuss the research project ? your presentation should focus on the analysis portion of the paper.;_July_2011/2.pdf ? Exploration Phase (end with the hypothesis statement(s) that guided this study) ? Data Collection & Preparation o Target audience, sampling plan, summary of respondents, etc. o What data summaries were created to guide the development of the analysis section? ? Statement of Analysis o What hypotheses were investigated in this study? o What types of tests were performed? (what are those tests used for?) o Briefly summarize the test results. ? Reporting (study accomplishments) Do you have any recommendations for improving this study? Possibilities for the study designed (i.e. alternative angles of the hypotheses for consideration), Limitations of the study designed, or Recommendations for additional factors to consider.",Hello, I need some charts and you may left some note in PP under slides for more details. Thank you,,Hi, Did you start work on it. Thank you,,Hello, Did you finish? I just want to notice that the attach file has all requirements. Please, be sure you cover all staff. Thank you,,Great job Thank you very much, But I was looking for some charts. So, may you change the tables with bar charts. thank you,,Hi, Did you finish it. Thank you,,I don't ask about data. I am looking for the same table like TABLE #4 it has the N, Mean and Std. Dev. So, just insert the bill curve. Could u make it today


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