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Submit a 3-5 page written evaluation describing th...




Submit a 3-5 page written evaluation describing the following: 1. When is the correlational research method appropriate? Describe an example of an actual research study from a credible source or the news that illustrates the use of the correlational method. 2. Why did the researchers use this method? 3. What are the limitations to the correlational method in terms of the conclusions that can be made? 4. What is a positive correlation? Negative? Zero? What does the number itself signify? Give several examples from the article you selected to illustrate your point. 5. How can a non-linear relationship among two variables influence the correlation coefficient? For example, ability to pay attention and the level of stimulation in the environment do not demonstrate a linear relationship. At some point, too much stimulation will limit the ability to focus and pay attention. What would happen to the size and the sign of the correlation coefficient if we correlated these two variables? How can researchers work around this issue? 6. What about floor and ceiling effects? [p.201-202 of the text] How can these issues preclude a significant correlation coefficient from being discovered? Requirements for each paper: Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers. (When referencing the text, APA formatting must be used.) Each paper should include: ? A title page ? The paper itself (the "discussion") ? Correct APA formatting for in-paper citations ? A reference page ? Use standard margins: 1" on all sides. ? Use standard 12-point font size ? Use standard double-spacing: between 20 and 24 lines per page with an average of 22 lines per page. Use left aligned text. Do not right justify.,I am sorry, but this is my deadline and I have to meet it. Could you forward this to another expert?


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