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Hello I need the answers for this to help study for my midtermEnter your answers in the spaces provided. Save the file using your last name as the beginning of the file name (e.g., ruf_week3_exercises) and submit via ?Assignments.? When appropriate, show your work. You can do the work by hand, scan/take a digital picture, and attach that file with your work. 1. For the following research questions, create one null hypothesis (N), one directional research hypothesis (D), and one nondirectional research hypothesis (ND). Clearly indicate each of them. a. What are the effects of attention on out-of-seat classroom behavior? N: D: ND: b. What is the relationship between the quality of a marriage and the quality of the spouses? relationships with their siblings? N: D: ND: c. What?s the best way to treat an eating disorder? N: D: ND: d. How are gender, family background and juvenile delinquency related? N: D: ND: e. What are the effects of media violence on violent behavior? N: D: ND: 2. A population has a mean of 40 and a standard deviation of 12. - For this population, find the z-scores for each of the following scores. 43 34 49 28 52 64 3. For the following set of scores fill in the empty cells. The mean is 70 and the standard deviation is 8. Raw Score Z Score 68.0 _____________ _____________ -1.6 82.0 _____________ _____________ 1.8 69.0 _____________ _____________ -0.5 85.0 _____________ _____________ 1.7 72.0 _____________ The deadline for this assignment is 11:59 PM EST on Sunday of Week 3


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