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Please show all work written out. No calculators a...




Please show all work written out. No calculators are allowed on tests so I need to understand how to do this, step by step for each section. A researcher wishes to determine whether a person?s age is related to the number of hours he or she jogs per week. The data for the sample are shown below. Predict the number of hours jogged per week (provided there is a significant relationship) for a 50-year-old person. Age x 34 22 48 56 62 Hours jogged y 5.5 7 3.5 3 1 Do a complete regression analysis by performing the steps below. Note: No regression should be done when r is not significant. a.Draw a scatter plot. b.Compute the correlation coefficient. c.State the hypotheses. d.Test the hypotheses at . e.Determine the regression line equation (if applicable). f.Plot the regression line on the scatter plot (if applicable). g.Summarize the results,Test the hypotheses at a= 0.05


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