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A researcher compared the Grade Point Average (GPA...




A researcher compared the Grade Point Average (GPA) of traditional-aged college students (aged 18-22 years) to nontraditional-aged college students (aged 23 years or older) and found the following: GROUP 1 = traditional GROUP 2 = nontraditional GROUP n Mean SD Standard Error 1 15 2.95 0.556 0.143 2 15 3.08 0.524 0.135 Equal Variances Assumed t = -0.68 df = 28 p = 0.509 1. Describe the design of this study and explain how you know your answer is correct. 2. Identify the independent and dependent variables, and name the scale of measurement for each. 3. What kind of inferential analysis was conducted (be specific)? 4. Did the independent variable have a significant effect on the dependent variable? How do you know? 5. Write a complete APA-format statistical conclusion for these results.


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