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5 pages Details: Each team member will provide...




5 pages Details: Each team member will provide research on Job Satisfaction. Use the Business Source Premier Database and/or the ABI Inform Global Database in the Library and write up a report on the topic. The article you choose should include the terms Job Satisfaction AND ANOVA, or Job Satisfaction AND One-Way ANOVA. Each team member should use different sources. Each team member is to do the following: 1.Research the topic of Job Satisfaction using the Business Source Premier Database (EBSCO) and/or the ABI Inform Global database in the Library using the instructions linked here. 2.Provide a summary of the research article. Include a hypothesis null and hypothesis alternate statement for an ANOVA process. Identify a data set that can be used for your ANOVA process. If your article does not include a data set that can be used for an ANOVA process, be sure to either create one that is comprised of at least 25 data points or state that you will be using the AIU dataset values for this process. Ensure that this write up is formatted using APA rules. Use a title-page, 12-point font in Times New Roman, double spacing, in-text citations and a reference page. (Tables that include the results of ANOVA processes are not data sets.) 3.Post a contribution to the Discussion Board in a folder titled ?Individual Contribution to Group Project? at least 48 hours before deadline for the week?s assignment. This process will assist the team members in reviewing, editing, processing and completing the final group project paper before the end of the week deadline. If a student fails to contribute an individual component at least 48 hours before the final project deadline, the team may choose to complete the final project paper without the student?s contribution, even if it is submitted at a later date. There is no substitute as an individual for the Group Project. The report should be well written and should flow well with no grammatical errors. It should include proper citation in APA formatting in both the in-text and reference pages and include a title page, be double-spaced and in Times New Roman 12-point font. APA formatting is necessary to ensure academic honesty. Need asap


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