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Hello Tutors I am looking for someone to help me with this: How Safe Are You? Making reference to the answers you derived, explain whether or not you would trust your life to equipment that has a 3% failure rate if you were an avid climber. Assume one of your favorite activities is mountain climbing. When you go mountain climbing you have several safety devices to keep you from falling. You notice that attached to one of your safety books is a reliability rating of 97%. You estimate that throughout the next year you will be using this device about 100 times. Answer the following questions: Does a reliability rating of 97% mean that there is a 97% chance that the device will not fail any of the 100 times? What is the probability of at least one failure? What is the complement of the event? Can this be considered a binomial experiment? Can you use the binominal probability formula? Why or why not? Find the probability of at least two failures. Can you use a normal distrubution to accurately approximate the binomial distribution? Explain why or why not. Is correction for continuity needed? How much safer would it be to use a second safety hook independently of the first? This website may be of help Please let me know if you cannot do it by Friday. Thank you.


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