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To complete this scenario, use the Seafood Prices...




To complete this scenario, use the Seafood Prices Sample Excel file linked in the Resources. You manage a grocery chain advertising account, and need to gather some data to support a campaign you are planning with your client, Rainbow Foods. The campaign will focus on seafood, and you need data to support your supposition that your client has the lowest prices, as compared to Cub Foods, Byerly's, and Kowalski's. The client points out that you need to include a control for the type of seafood. You agree on five categories: 1. 30-count wild shrimp, in shells. 2. Fillets of farmed tilapia 3. Alaskan king crab legs 4. Steaks of wild caught salmon 5. Cod fillets Refer to the Seafood Prices Sample Excel file for the data results to determine whether the data supports your campaign supposition.,ok thank you,Thank you,Thank you, does the data support Rainbow foods having the lowest prices? The average results suggest yes, but th variance suggest no. Which set of data should i use to determine the answer and why?,thank you,You are welcome, Understanding the concepts are important to me.,i had received this answer previoulsy. Thanks.


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