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"These questions are from the textbook "Social Sta...




"These questions are from the textbook "Social Statistics for a Diverse Society, 5th Edition" by Chava Frankfort-Nachmias and Anna Leon-Guerrero. Chapter 9. Chapter (9) Exercise 8: Let?s continue our analysis of liberals and conservatives, taking a look this time at differences in their educational attainment. We obtain the following information from the 2002 GSS ? the average educational attainment for liberals is 13.90 years (SY = 3.27) and the average educational attainment for conservatives is 13.55 years (SY = 2.82). Data are based on 187 liberals and 227 conservative responses. a. Test the research hypothesis that there is a difference in level of education between liberals and conservatives, set alpha at 0.01. b. Would your decision have been different if alpha were set at 0.05? SPSS Problem 2: Investigate the difference between individuals who support legalization of marijuana from those who do not based on data from the GSS06PFP-B. Use the variable GRASS as your independent or grouping variable (1 = legal; 2 = not legal). Investigate whether there is a significant difference between these two groups in terms of their age (AGE), number of children (CHILDS), and education (EDUC). Assume that ? is 0.05 for a two-tailed test. Based on your analysis, write three Step 5 type statements summarizing your findings.


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