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Hi Spatil! I was hoping you could help me out w...




Hi Spatil! I was hoping you could help me out with a case study. I have a short deadline, so I was hoping you would be able to work this as an exception. I'll provide a tip too! Thank you so much for your help! The Pagoda case study is at the end of the chapter. Questions 1. 1. Calculate the total costs for outsourcing the online help desk and for staying with the current solution. Which option is cheaper? 2. 2. What factors other than costs should Pagoda consider? How would you weight these factors? Given the above, how might you use a weighted-point evaluation system to evaluate the two options? 3. 3. Should outsource its online help desk? Why? Be sure to consider Table 10.3 when framing your answer. 4. 4. A statement of work typically specifies performance measurements that the buying firm can use to determine whether or not the service provider is meeting the terms of the contract. What performance measurements would you recommend be put in place? What should happen if the service provider fails to meet these requirements?


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