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Z score is a concept that is essential in statisti...




Z score is a concept that is essential in statistics. 1. Write a two or three paragraph posting to a hypothetical ?boss? defining how Z score is an essential concept for your organization and explain to the ?boss? what a Z score is. It is suggested that you use one reference besides your text to support the definition of Z score. 2. In the ?Boss? What a Z score is? forum, post your response to this advertising statement using material from Chapter 6 to support your discussion points. 3. Post your initial arguments for this discussion by Day 3 of this workshop so your classmates will have an opportunity to read and respond to them by the end of the workshop. Support all of your statements in this discussion with references to concepts from the textbook or other readings, examples taken from your personal experience and observations, and/or interpretations of scripture. Word limit is 250 minimum. Please use one other source outside of the Powerpoint attached.,Any update on my response?


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