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Please note that this assignment is a project PROP...




Please note that this assignment is a project PROPOSAL and you do NOT need to collect data and analyze anything. However, this should act as the recipe for a statistical analysis project. Final projects will be completed in groups Each group will address the following topics: Executive Summary: 1 page overview of the topic of interest, the proposed analysis, and methods. This section will summarize the intent and methodology of your paper. What variables would you address within your study? What would be the estimated overall sample size appropriate to address your research questions? Background: Start with your research question/s. Example questions might be ?Is there a difference in mean tuition between public and private universities?? or ?Is there a relationship between number of ?facebook friends? of males and females?? Provide a background to this topic. Discuss why this topic is worthy of research. Provide several (i.e. 3 or 4) valid research articles or citations that support your statement. Describe what variables you would choose to answer your research question (i.e. Income, Age, Gender, Race, etc.). Describe the variables in the study (e.g., discrete, continuous, nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, etc.). Be specific about the variables you would use for your study (e.g., type of school (public vs. private) is categorical and ACT is continuous numerical and interval data). Also, provide as much information as possible related to the collection of the data. Where would you go to collect this data? Would you design a survey? Would you get the data at your work place? Would you use a public source? (e.g., US News and World Report study during 1996, US Department of Labor etc.). Description of the sample: Do you consider this dataset a population or a sample. For example, would you get a sample of TWC students to respond to a survey you would design? Or, would you collect data from everyone, at your office? What is the population size or sample size? Methods: Describe the types of analyses you would run on the data based on your research question/s. Required analyses: Example, measures of central tendency (list them in your report), measures of dispersion (list them in your report). Overall, this section should be written in sufficient detail such that if I wanted create your study I can follow it like recipe! Data screening: Discus how you would test for outliers in your data and what your approach would be if you had outliers. For example, one recommended approach is to calculate z-scores for each continuous numerical variable and delete observations with z-scores less than -3.0 or greater than 3.0. Data Analysis: Discuss what data analysis method would be suitable to answer your research question given the data you ?have collected.? Choose one of the methods we have learned so far in this class i.e. independent sample t-test, paired sample t-test, ANOVA (one way or two way), Bivariate regression, Multiple Regression, Chi Squared). Discussion how you would present your results (i.e. would kind of charts, graphs, or output statistics would you use?). Conclusions: Draw any expected conclusions and limitations from the statistical calculations and discuss how you would address them.


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