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72. How does horsepower and weight affect the mile...




72. How does horsepower and weight affect the mileage of family sedans? Data from a sample of twenty 2010 family sedans were collected and organized and stored in the Excel file Auto2010. Develop a regression model to predict mileage (as measured by miles per gallon) based on the horsepower of the car?s engine and the weight of the car, in pounds. (HINT: Multiple regression) a. Write the multiple regression equation. b. What are the value of the slopes, b1 and b2 in this problem? c. Predict the miles per gallon for cars that have 190 horsepower and weigh 3,500 pounds. d. Is there a significant relationship between mileage and the two independent variables (HP and weight) at the 0.05 level of significance? e. Based on the residual plots, is there any evidence of a violation of the regression assumptions? f. What is the coefficient of multiple determination? g. At the 0.05 level of significance, determine whether each independent variable makes a significant contribution to the regression model.


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