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I have tried everything and cannot understand the...




I have tried everything and cannot understand the formulas needed in Excel Megastat. Data is in one tab abd questions in second tab of the Excel workbook,Can I add a bonus if I find the information superb? I have to write a 5 page paper to accompany the linesr regression, scatterplot, and questions.I need an A+ paper based on my current grades.,The annual mean was to be the y axis and the does not appear to go above $1.50 and that is incorrect. The problem was "Using the years as your x-axis and the annual mean as your y-axis, create a scatterplot and a linear regression line.",Sunday 8am,I think the projection for gas prices in 2020 is wrong. If the current price is 3.35, how can 2020 price be 3.054? Based on the slope is x significantly related to y? if so, how? What is the correlation and what is the coefficient of determination?,Please explain to an idiot like me what the ANOVa table is telling me about my case,Monday at 10am,The ANOVA tables says more than p-value. what doess df SS,MS,F, SignificanceF mean in detail to the delivery company? Please respond before Monday at 1pm.,I have to explain my finding, and all the data to the class, you brief information will not help. Please provide a huge amount of info instead of these one liners.,The projected gas price for year 2020 is 3.054 which is below current gas price of 3.35. What does this tell us and the 0.0647 is the standard deviation between each mean per year and the -127.64 comes from where? I just need the clarify the data to present it in a logical way.,Wednesday at 8pm


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