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Use the detroit.sav (attached ? need spss to view)...




Use the detroit.sav (attached ? need spss to view) data from the class website to answer the following questions. a) Calculate the Pearson correlation between homicide rate and each of number of registered hand guns, weekly income, and unemployment rate (ie: 4 correlations). Which of these four correlations are statistically significant? b) Calculate the regression line for X = number registered handguns and Y = homicide rate. c) Calculate the regression line for X = unemployment rate and Y = homicide rate. d) Construct two scatterplots one each for part (b) and (c) above and plot the regression line on the respective plots. e) Which variable (number of handguns or unemployment rate) appears to have a stronger linear relationship with the homicide rate? Why? (Hints how closely clustered are the points to the line, refer back to the correlation or calculate the coefficient of determination).,Thank You,Attached,It can be found at the bottom of this page ( and you will need to open it in spss,Thank You,SPSS is the only form it it given in but you can copy and paste the information onto excel.


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