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WEEK 7 QUIZ ASSIGNMENT ? Please answer all...




WEEK 7 QUIZ ASSIGNMENT ? Please answer all 10 questions from Part I. Answer the only question from Part II. ? Questions 1 to 10 will be worth 2 points and the problem from Part II will be worth 3 points. ? Please show all necessary steps when solving the problem in Part II. ? This is an individual assignment. ? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. ? Good Luck!! Part I Select the correct answer and write the appropriate letter in the space provided. ______ 1. Which of the following statements is not correct regarding the coefficient of correlation. a. It can range from ?1 to 1. b. Its square is the coefficient of determination. c. It measures the percent of variation explained. d. It is a measure of the association between two variables. ______ 2. The coefficient of determination a. is usually written as r2. b. cannot be negative. c. is the square of the coefficient of correlation. d. all of the above. ______ 3. The coefficient of correlation was computed to be ?0.60. This means a. the coefficient of determination is . b. as X increase Y decreases. c. X and Y are both 0. d. as X decreases Y decreases. ______ 4. Which of the following is a stronger correlation than ?0.54? a. 0.67 b. 0.45 c. 0.0 d. ?0.45 ______ 5. A regression equation is used to a. measure the association between two variables. b. estimate the value of the dependent variable based on the independent variable. c. estimate the value of the independent variable based on the dependent variable. d. estimate the coefficient of determination. ______ 6. A regression equation was computed to be Y= = 35 + 6X. The value of the 35 indicates that a. the regression line crosses the Y-axis at 35. b. the coefficient of correlation is 35. c. the coefficient of determination is 35. d. an increase of one unit in X will result in an increase of 35 in Y. ______ 7. The standard error of estimate a. is a measure of the variation around the regression line. b. cannot be negative. c. is in the same units as the dependent variable. d. all of the above. ______ 8. The variable plotted on the horizontal or X-axis in a scatter diagram is called the a. scatter variable. b. independent variable. c. dependent variable. d. correlation variable. ______ 9. The least squares principle means that a. . b. is maximized. c. is minimized. d. is minimized. ______ 10. If all the points are on the regression line, then a. the value of b is 0. b. the value of a is 0. c. the correlation coefficient is 0. d. the standard error of estimate is 0. Part II Record your answers in the space provided. Show all essential work. Week Sales staff Cars sold 1 5 53 2 5 47 3 7 48 4 4 50 5 10 58 6 12 62 7 3 45 8 11 60 11. Tem Rousos, president of Rousos Ford, believes there is a relationship between the number of new cars sold and the number of sales people on duty. To investigate he selects a sample of eight weeks and determines the number of new cars sold and the number of sales people on duty for that week. a. Plot these data in a scatter diagram. b. Determine the coefficient of correlation. A B C D E F G Number of Cars Sold Number of Sales Staff Y X 53 5 47 5 48 7 50 4 58 10 62 12 45 3 60 11 n Total c. Determine the coefficient of determination. Comment on the strength of the association between the two variables. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ d. Determine the regression equation. e. Interpret the regression equation. Where does the equation cross the Y-axis? How many additional cars can the dealer expect to sell for each additional salesperson employed? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ f. Determine the standard error of estimate. X Y 5 53 5 47 7 48 4 50 10 58 12 62 3 45 11 60 g. Develop a 95 percent confidence interval for all the mean car sales for weeks when the sales staff is at 10. h. In checking the work schedules for next week, Tem finds there are 10 people scheduled. Develop a 95 percent prediction interval for the number of cars sold next week.,Hi, Please check the attachement as it shows the quiz correctly. Thanks rz


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