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I need this assignment completed by Thursday at 3pm. Thanks! I am attaching the data set in Excel format..I will attach the 2nd excel also..Read below Perform an SPSS analysis. Read the three case studies below and choose the appropriate statistical procedure. Using the Final Exam Data Set, run the appropriate correlation or regressions procedure, analyze the data, and report the results in a properly formatted APA Results section. Please be sure to include the following elements in your Results: 1. The assumption tests and their results (include graphs if you used them) 2. An adequate report of the descriptive statistics 3. The null hypothesis 4. The rationale for the chosen statistical procedure and results of the statistical procedure, including effect size and power 5. The decision regarding the null hypothesis For the purpose of the Final Exam, do not transform or change any variables if assumptions are not met. Conduct and report the most appropriate parametric procedure; simply note violations and identify the nonparametric alternative that could be conducted. You may consider the following parametric statistical procedures to respond to the questions: ? One-sample t Test ? Dependent t Test ? Independent t Test ? One-Way ANOVA ? Two-Way ANOVA ? Repeated Measures ANOVA ? Bivariate Correlation (Pearson r and Spearman rho) ? Partial Correlation ? Bivariate Linear Regression NOTE: While you were allowed to work with your peers for the other SPSS Assignments, you must work individually for this Final Exam. Case Study 1 An educational statistics professor is examining his grade book to determine the relationship and differences among a variety of assignment scores. He is examining these scores to determine if his course is effective. Every semester, the professor gives his students a pretest and a posttest to determine if they improved in their understanding of the course concepts. Thus, the first question he examines is as follows: Is there a difference in the number of points students earned on their educational statistics pretests and posttests? Case Study 2 The professor is thinking about requiring a remedial statistics course for students who do not do well on the pretest; however, he is not sure if this would be helpful. Thus, he he wishes to determine whether prior statistical knowledge assists students in their performance on the final exam. He poses the following question: What is the relationship between pretest scores and final exam scores after controlling for cumulative GPA? He also wants to know about the relationship between pretest scores and final exam scores without the influence of the GPA. Case Study 3 The professor also wants to determine whether there are differences in course points based on delivery environment (online, residential) and race. If he finds differences, then he may realize that,1) he will need to evaluate his course ethnic sensitivity, 2) he may be a more effective teacher in one environment than in the the other, 3) he needs to adapt some of his teaching methods, and 4) one learning environment may be more effective for one race than the other. As a result of these findings, he asks the following question: Do students differ in terms of the points they earn in the course based on race and delivery environment? (Hint: Since you have learned about the importance of power, be sure to note and discuss observed power for each non-significant effect. Are there any possible Type I or II errors?),Here is the second Excel data set info you will need...,Great..Make sure it is in APA is the info back from my instructor concerning your last asignment I gave to you..Did not deduct that many points but lets see if we can do a better job in the output and make sure it is word format... Case 1 - You did a good job. Missing was the testing for normality. Case 2 - There were three null hypotheses. A. There is no difference in perceived learning score by delivery system; B. There is no difference in perceived learning score by gender; & C. Delivery system X gender interaction effect: any differences in perceived learning score in students grouped by Discussion Forum so not vary as a function of gender. The ANOVA revealed on the delivery system main effect was significant. There was insufficient evidence to reject the gender main effect null hypothesis and the delivery system X gender interaction effect null hypothesis. Missing from the results section was the testing for normality Natalia: Looking forward to working with you on this assignment..Tim Jenkins,Thank you Natalia..Very good job!,Natalia: I need for you to fix these issues ASAP..I hope you are there today..I will send you the case 2 from week 7. You have it as you did that one... Tim, Do you want me to grade what you submitted? The first two cases you did not test for any assumptions and the third case was not done correctly. I emailed the class and stated that the 3rd case is the same as case 2 from week 7. Dr. Gary Kimball,Natalia..Here is the week 7 information,Read the attachment..You did not provide on your word document the areas that the professor outlined. Please update the word document and then resend to me with those additional SPSS outputs..Thanks!,Natalia: please just test for assumptions and then just copy the third case from the last one you did for me and resend it today...Thank-you and you are aewsome! The first two cases you did not test for any assumptions and the third case was not done correctly. I emailed the class and stated that the 3rd case is the same as case 2 from week 7,Thanks..I will check it on Sunday..So Sorry to make you work over the weekend..Take you to dinner sometime..:),Thank-you!,Natalia: even though you did a good job we still did not get it completely correct.Is there a possibility to reduce the cost of the assignment? Thank-you Cases 1 & 2 you did not indicate testing for any assumptions. Case 3 - This was a 2 x 5 ANOVA with three null hypotheses. Here are the results: The ANOVA revealed only the delivery environment main effect was significant. Online environment students had a significantly higher mean of total course points than residential environment students. However, there was insufficient evidence to reject the ethnicity main effect null hypothesis and the ethnicity X delivery environment interaction effect null hypothesis. Only the delivery environment main effect null hypothesis was rejected.,Natalia: It was too late to submit your updates. 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