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Read the following problem. In the discussion boa...




Read the following problem. In the discussion board post, please include the following information: a. Determine if the problem is either a test of hypothesis, a confidence interval or something else and specify the ?key words? found in the problem that demonstrate your choice. b. Determine the procedure name and parameters involved for each problem. Specify the ?key words? found in the problem that lead you to this choice. c. If the problem is a hypothesis test, indicated if it has a lower-tail, upper-tail, or two-tail alternative hypothesis as well as the test statistic formula for the test. If the problem is a confidence interval then indicate the formula used for the margin of error. You DO NOT need to do the ACTUAL test of hypothesis, confidence interval, etc. in order to post in the discussion board, just answer a, b, and c for the board. 1. The following data were obtained from a sample of construction companies who are all building 10-story structures. The survey asked how many full-time workers are employed on the building project. 152 163 142 110 198 125 173 212 200 165 15 Historically, 10-story structures are built on a budget which has a forecasted average employment of 175 full-time workers. At the 10% significance level, is there evidence that the mean number of full-time employees has changed?


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