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Hi, today is may 11 and I want to get answer my...




Hi, today is may 11 and I want to get answer my free 3 questions thank you very much I appreciated #1. (Related to Hypothesis Testing) The main goal of statistical inference is to draw a conclusion about the characteristic of a population from sample data. As a result, one of the uses of hypothesis testing is that it involves testing a claim (some prior or well-known fact) about a characteristic of a population, such as the population average, with the use of a sample. In other words, with hypothesis testing we can find out whether or not a sample statistic is “statistically” different from a population parameter. a) Using your own words, explain the meaning of the null hypothesis in hypothesis testing. b) Using your own words, explain the meaning of the alternative hypothesis in hypothesis testing. #2. (Related to Hypothesis Testing) Give an example of a hypothesis test in a business setting. Explain in detail. #3. (Related to Hypothesis Testing ) · A government inspector wants to know whether the amount of cola soft drink in a 2-liter bottle at a Coca-Cola plant averages 2 liters. · Bottles at the plant have a population standard deviation ? = 0.05 liters. · The inspector takes a random sample of 100 bottles (n = 100) and gets a sample mean of = 1.99 liters. Although we notice that the sample average amount is less than what a bottle should have, the inspector cannot really conclude whether or not this plant is cheating consumers. Therefore, help the inspector devise a statistical test by filling-in the blanks below: a) Null Hypothesis H0: Alternative Hypothesis H1: b) At a 95% confidence level, the decision rule is to reject H0 if: c) Test statistic value = d) Using the results from (a) through (c) above, the final decision is: PS: I attached here 3 questions.


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