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1.) The excess of the issuance price over the stat...




1.) The excess of the issuance price over the stated value of a no-par common stock should be credited to the Answer A. Retained Earnings account. B. Common Stock account. C. Treasury Stock. D. Additional Paid-in Capital. 2.) Which of the following is the appropriate entry to record the declaration of cash dividends? Answer A. Retained Earnings Cash B. Additional Paid-in Capital Dividends Payable C. Dividends Dividends Payable D. Dividends Payable Cash 3.) The indirect method of preparing a statement of cash flows Answer A. shows collections from customers rather than the change in Accounts Receivable. B. eliminates the need for a schedule of noncash investing and financing transactions. C. adjusts net income for changes in current accounts. D. provides a different result than the direct method.,Thanks!


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