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If a city acquires a new office building under a c...




If a city acquires a new office building under a capital lease agreement, 1)The cost of the building should be reported in the __ 2)The "cost" of the building is computed as ____ 3)A governmental fund should record the cost of the building as an expenditure, offset by a credit to_____ 4)The liability for the capital lease should be recorded in the _____ 5)The liability should be computed as ____ The sale of tax-supported-bonds at par for the eventual construction of a new city jail would require recognition in which of the following funds and/or activities: A)Debt service fund, capital projects, and governmental activities B)Capital projects fund and the governmental activities C)Capital projects and debt service funds D)Debt service fund and governmental activities Which of the following circumstances would indicate that a potential component unit (PCU) should be included as part of the governmental financial reporting entity? A)Both B and C occurring together indicate that the PCU should be included in the reporting entity B) The primary government does not approve the operating budget of the potential component unit C) Officials of the primary government appoint a majority of the members of the governing board of the PCU. D)The PCU has sufficient operational and financial dependence that the primary government can impose its will on the PCU. The City of Oldetown purchased a vehicle for the police department. If the operations of the police department are financed by general revenues, the purchase would be recorded in which funds and/or activities? A)General Fund: No, Governmental Activities:Yes B)General Fund:Yes, Governmental Activities: Yes C)General Fund:Yes. Governmental Activities:No D)General Fund:No, Governmental Activites:No


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