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The Mountain Fresh Company had earnings per share...




The Mountain Fresh Company had earnings per share (EPS) of $6.32 in 2006 and $11.48 in 2011. The company pays out 30 percent of its earnings as dividends per share (DPS), and the company?s stock price is currently $37.50 (in 2011). (a) Calculate the growth rate in dividends (g) over this 5-year period. Dividend Growth Rate (g) = _________________. (b) Calculate the expected dividend per share next year (i.e., what is D1, assuming the earnings and dividends of Mountain Fresh growth at a constant rate). Expected Dividend Next Year (D1) = __________________. (c) Based on the information given above, what is the cost of retained earnings common equity (rs) for Mountain Fresh Company? Cost of Retained Earnings (rs) = __________________.


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