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Econ203F. See attachment. Needs to be answered in...




Econ203F. See attachment. Needs to be answered in Excel for Multiple choice (label a column with the question number and type in your multiple choice answer in the column to the right of the question number). The six essays can be written on regular paper and scanned and sent. REMEMBER--PICK ONLY 6 of the 10 essays for part two.,Thank you.,#21 got missed, can you please review? 21. Suppose one candidate for election to public office proposes a $6 billion budget and another candidate proposes a $10 billion budget, when the average voter preference is for a $9 billion budget and the median voter preference is $8 billion. Assuming candidates desire the maximum number of votes, the candidates are expected to move toward a budget position of: A) $8 billion. B) the smaller budget of $6 billion. C) $9 billion. D) the larger budget: $10 billion.


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