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Consider Fulton Manufacturing Company?s 8 3/4 perc...




Consider Fulton Manufacturing Company?s 8 3/4 percent bonds that mature on April 15, 2022. Assume that the interest on these bonds is paid and compounded annually. Determine the value of a $1,000 denomination Fulton bond as of April 15, 2010, to an investor who holds the bond until maturity and whose required rate of return is a. 7 percent b. 9 percent c. 11 percent What would be the value of the Fulton bonds at an 8 percent required rate of return if the interest were paid and compounded semiannually?,ok none of my answers matched yours. How did you get the PMT? The bond is 8 3/4 and i calculated it as .0875x1000=87.50? NPER why 6? Can you explain the compound annually and semiannually? see the attachment where I have worked the problems-- just struggling some to understand this.


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