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I know this is a lot of work but I will pay extra...




I know this is a lot of work but I will pay extra if you are able to help. U can e-mail me back to negotiate price if you would like. I haven't had a physics class in years and have never used excel so I am completely lost. I am having to write a lab report and hope if I recieve help with the first procedure I will be able to complete other 3 on my own. The procedure was that a student walk toward a motion sensor while data was being recorded of the position, velocity, and acceleration. The graphs I created with excel along with the recorded data are attatched. I would like to know if the graphs are correct or if there is a better and more accurate way to present it in the report and have the questions beneath the charts answered. IF data is needed I can send it also. Thanx for considering and please help.,here is data if you accept assignment and need to look at it.


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