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1. Two flat surfaces are exposed to a uniform, hor...




1. Two flat surfaces are exposed to a uniform, horizontal magnetic field of magnitude 0.59 T. When viewed edge-on, the first surface is tilted at an angle of 10? from the horizontal, and a net magnetic flux of 6.5 x 10-4 Wb passes through it. The same net magnetic flux passes through the second surface. (a) Determine the area of the first surface. (b) Find the smallest possible value of the area of the second surface. 2. A generating station is producing 1.3 x 106 W of power that is to be sent to a small town located 5.6 km away. Each of the two wires that comprise the transmission line has a resistance per length of 5.0 x 10-2/km. (a) Find the power lost in heating the wires if the power is transmitted at 1300 V. (b) A 100:1 step-up transformer is used to raise the voltage before the power is transmitted. How much power is now lost in heating the wires?


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