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Please see attached. And please let me know how mu...




Please see attached. And please let me know how much it will cost. Thanks.,Can you please fix the word file again because it is all jumbled up and I don't understand anything. The assignment should have more writing in detail than pictures and charts.,Hi, this assignment is incomplete. No questions has been answered. You put three pages of pictures and four pages of a table and maybe about two paragraphs of text. This has to be redone because the questions has not been answered. Please let me know if you can get it done by 10pm est or else I will do it myself. Thanks. "Comment on their location in the sky (constellation, relative altitude above the horizon, etc) and track their movement over the course of the next couple of weeks, each day commenting on how they've changed relative to each other and to the background stars (how many degress, and in what direction, does the moon move in one day, for example. Is this consistent with its monthly (30 day) cycle and is it close to the ecliptic)? In your discussion, be as thorough as possible. What constellations does the ecliptic pass through? Where is the Celestial Equator (in relation to the planets and the ecliptic)? Are the planets east or west of your local meridian? When recording your results, be sure to include the time and date. What is the angular separation of the ecliptic and the celestial equator at their widest point; now? What is the significance of this separation?",That version is just fine..


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