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You need to create a project management plan for your term project. Refer to Chapter 4 of the textbook for details about project management plans. The project management plan should consist the following: ?Project name (the project may be an actual project in which you worked, or a made-up project). ?Project description. ?Business justification. ?Names of the project manager and the key team members. ?Required deliverables. ?Key definitions and acronyms. ?Organizational charts. ?Project responsibilities. ?Management objectives. ?Project controls. ?Risk management. ?Project staffing. ?Scope management section: ?Key deliverables. ?Work packages. .?Project schedule section: ?Summary schedule. .?Budget: ?Summary budget. . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The project management plan should be 2?3 pages in length, typed in double-space, in 10- or 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. The page margins on the top, bottom, left side, and right side should be 1 inch each. You should use the APA guidelines for writing and citations. Submit the Word document to the appropriate dropbox. See the Course Calendar for due dates. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evaluation criteria Read the Project Plan Rubric to understand expectations for this assignment. Keep the following points in mind: ?The project management plan encompasses all the required information and sections.. ?The objectives and goals of the project selected are clearly described.. Project Name Web Based School Administration System (WBSAS) Project Charter Project Justification The website creation project aims at developing a website for a client on the basis of given specific business needs. It will articulate a strategy for client?s needs so as to establish how the web will be implemented as a communication asset. Roles, responsibilities and processes will be defined to create and publish consistent data/content on the web. Project Deliverables The project deliverable is a fully-functional website with reusable, scalable and testable code. External deliverables 1. Revised Project plan 2. Approval on requirements. 3. Approval on design 4. Approval on coding standards. 5. Job descriptions document 6. Quality assurance report Internal deliverables 1. Status Report 2. Minutes of Meeting (MOM) 3. Project tools report Work Breakdown Structure Project Objectives and Outcomes The specific objectives of web creation project are to: ? Engage a web design consultant to assist the team involved in analyzing current scenario, identifying areas of improvement and developing up-to-date visual design. ? Improve the client?s information architecture i.e. flow of information among pages. ? Develop effective and modern looking visuals which extend the image of the client on the web. ? Establish design standard, coding standard and development standard that will be delivered to the client. Primary stakeholders roles and responsibilities Name Role Responsibilities Primary client representative Sign-off Project charter Approval on project completion and closure. Project Sponsor Sign-off Project charter Communicate with stakeholders. Project Manager Ensure project deliverables are finished within time and budget. Timely updating on progress of project. Reporting potential risks in weekly meetings. Coordinate training for team members. Coordinate and lead teams of the project Quality Assurance Provide quality assurance team to validate each project deliverable. Staffing Manager Prepare responsibility matrix. Procurement Manager Keep track of resources. Cost Manager Prepare cost estimation Risk Manager Identify key risks and come up with risks mitigation plans. Developer head Development of business logic Testing head Testing code Project Constraints The website will be developed as per the standards of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) consortium and will use only licensed softwares. Project Assumptions a. Finance & Marketing activities for the website are out of scope of this engagement. b. Signoff for the various project artifacts happen within 4 working days to ensure the project is completed on time. If there are any recommended changes in the artifacts then those are been notified c. 100% funding has been from sponsors d. The domain name is available. There are available tools and resources required for web development. e. Availability of minimum skilled resources is there to kick off the project. Project owners Following are the owners i.e. customers of the project: ? Administrator ? Teacher ? Student ? Parent Project requirements The project will ease the operations school by providing following services to the owners: ? Easy maintenance of profiles of the students and teachers ? Bulletin board for publishing information of events. ? Publication of syllabus by teachers. ? Allocation of teacher to a student depending on one?s expertise. ? Analysis of student?s performance. Project Milestones Following are the milestones of the project: ? Requirement Specifications ? High Level Design ? Detailed Design ? Coding ? Design Testing ? Final Review References An Introduction to Project Management. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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