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"1 to 2 paragraph, please be detailed (no word lim...




"1 to 2 paragraph, please be detailed (no word limit) Thank you 1. A CEO once told an HR consultant that organizational justice is a "touchy feely concept not related to anything importnat? If you were the HR consultant, what would you say to that? Elaborate your answer. 2. The covenant of "good faith" and fair dealing as related to empoyment at will implies that excellent performance over an extended period of time grants the performer a right to be terminated only for "just cause". But only 11 states have adopted this exception to employment at will. Research your state or any state and take a position on whether your chosen state should join the 11 states or drop the exception. Explain clearly. 3. How does a binding arbitration work? Should companies be allowed to adopt a binding arbitration requirement for their current employees in which employees surrender their rights to litigate empoyment disputes through the court system? Explain your answer. What is the current state of the law regarding arbitration? Explain.


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