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1.Which do you think is preferable: a company that...




1.Which do you think is preferable: a company that conducts its own marketing research or one that hires an outside company to conduct research for it? Why? 2.Consumer Behavior What are some ways your consumer behavior has been affected by your culture, subculture, or personal factors? Have marketers been successful in targeting your personal demographic? Why or why not? What are some of the differences between business and consumer markets? Why do some customers prefer more of a transactional relationship with business marketers? 3.Target markets, market segments, and branding strategies. What are some brands that you believe have high brand equity? What are some of the elements of these recognizable brands? Do you think it is crucial to manage brand equity? If so, why? Name a recent brand crisis with which you are familiar. Do you feel this crisis was managed well? Why or why not? What are some factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions? Which do you believe are most important? What are some ways markets can be segmented? How do firms decide which market segments to target? Each question 1,2,3 each a 200 word response.


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