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Hello, All I want for this assignment is on an Att...




Hello, All I want for this assignment is on an Attachment. It is well explainable. On the attachment there is 3 pages, the first one is the actual data to complete or answer the 5 questions, the data is called "Our Town Photography Studio/Gallery - Growing The Brand," the second page is the 5 questions that needs to be answer and the requirements to how they need to be answer, the last page is a continuation of the first page data and is a Demographic Data Table for Potential Markets. All I want from this assignment is to answer those 5 question with the requirement they are asking in the second page of the attachment and finally to have 5 questions answer or done by FRIDAY 25th at 10pm. THank You Tifanny Velasquez,It CAN BE 4-5 SENTENCES LONG, EACH QUESTION. tHANK YOU Tifanny Velasquez,Thank you!!


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