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Job Analysis 1. Define job design and iden...




Job Analysis 1. Define job design and identify the 5 considerations in job design, providing a brief explanation of each consideration. 2. Distinguish among the 5 design characteristics identified by Hackman and Oldham. Why is an understanding of these characteristics important for managers to know? 3. Thoroughly discuss job analysis and its relative importance in HR. Recruiting 1. Distinguish among labor markets, labor force population, applicant population, and applicant pool. 2. From among the 6 strategic recruiting decisions discussed in your notes, identity them explaining the nature and relevance of each decision. 3. Thoroughly discuss recruiting evaluation and metrics. Selecting 1. Discuss the relationship of job analysis to selection. 2. Distinguish between predictor validity and reliability. 3. Distinguish between a multiple hurdle approach and a compensatory approach in an employer's use of predictors. 4. Explain what constitutes an applicant. 5. Discuss the relationship between a resume and an application. 6. Discuss testing in the context of selecting employees. 7. Distinguish among the 4 types of interviews presented in your notes. 8. Thoroughly discuss background screening and its implications for management.


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