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? Resources: Apollo Shoe Case link in Week...




? Resources: Apollo Shoe Case link in Week Three on the Materials page ? Review the Planning section with emphasis on the Workpaper Indexing, Trial Balances, and Apollo Shoes Minutes and the Accounts Receivable section with emphasis on the Audit of Accounts Receivable ? confirmations. ? Complete the Inventory audit section: 1- Write the inventory memo based upon yours and Bradley?s observation. Atiya 2- Tie in Bradley?s test counts on the client?s count sheets to Apollo?s Inventory Warehouse Report. 3- Tie the Inventory Warehouse Report to Apollo?s Inventory Status Report supplied by Karina last week. 4- Next, judgmentally sample a number of unit costs from recent invoices and tie them to the Inventory Status Report. If the numbers agree, tie the Inventory Status Report into the Inventory Lead Schedule. Lastly, tie the lead schedule into the Trial Balance.


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