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Mary, an Ontario Area Regional Manager for a retai...




Mary, an Ontario Area Regional Manager for a retail homeware chain, was located in the Toronto Area. Her job included supervising Store Managers within Ontario. For stores within a one hour drive of Toronto, she was frequently able to visit them, although much of her communications took place through email. For more distant stores, store visits or other face to face meetings were rare. Over time, Mary found that her relationships with the Managers of the stores close by were far better than with those at a distance. Suggest why this may have happened due to her communications. Could it have been remedied without increasing visits to remote stores?,Could you please write more solutions and explain a little bit more?,you did mention why did this happen, like what is the problem with the communication and how this can be solved. Please review it again,,Consider the role of a manager and leader explaining duties and responsibilities to supervisor subordinates. Leadership theory will be important in your analysis. Also, what are the pros and cons of face-to-face meetings with subordinates versus written communication. Is it surprising that her relationship suffered because of the reliance on written email?,That was for your help, thats not a question,That answer was not good as expected. anyway. thanks for your help


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