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Prepare a company-wide plan for minimizing the legal risks associated with BGP Technologies' operations. This is a legal risk avoidance plan. Papers must be 10?12 pages in length, using APA format. The title, reference, and summary pages do not count in the total page count of the paper. In trying to minimize the legal risks associated with the topics, you must identify the problems that can be manipulated by company action and suggest steps to accomplish the goal of minimizing the identified problems. You will identify the different types of business entities and the advantages and protections afforded by each entity. What can BGP Technologies do to minimize legal risks associated with employment issues in the following areas: - shareholders rights - management of corporations - securities regulations - accountant?s liability - agency relationship - sales transactions - product liability - negotiable instruments - debtor-creditor relationships - consumer protection - bankruptcy - insurance - employment law Your compliance plan will address all the issues. Company Background: BGP Technologies is a fictitious biotech company that provides pharmaceutical consulting, custom drug manufacturing, and a line of consumer medical devices and generic drugs to customers worldwide. It has consulting offices in most of the major cities in the world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, and Mumbai, with manufacturing plants in the United States, China, and Mexico. Recently, the worldwide financial slump has put the company in a difficult position. Before the downturn, the company could absorb the litigation costs associated with its operations as part of the normal cost of doing business; now it can no longer afford to do so. BGP Technologies wants to implement whatever actions it can to avoid or at least minimize some of the legal pitfalls facing it in its worldwide operations. Prepare a companywide legal risk avoidance plan. See attachmet for bakground info Required: Would like by Tuesday, but MUST HAVE BY WEDNESDAY, Nov 9 @ 8:00 AM Est. NO LATER Submissions will be accepted. DO NOT FORGET SEPERATE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND REFERENCES 2-3 paragraphs each subject area with detailed explanations using cases, case law and relevant examples - -


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