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"Diagnosis essay (3000 words) of telstra or any ot...




"Diagnosis essay (3000 words) of telstra or any other known mid-sized to big sized organisation? Task: Choose a medium to large organisation that you are familiar with. Diagnose it from a multi-frame perspective. Identify its main problems and opportunities and make specific recommendations for change. State why you are recommending those particular change interventions and how you would proceed with their implementation. Use the change management theory from the literature to justify your recommendations and your implementation process. Content: -Organisational diagnosis -Use of multiframing -Identification of main problems and opportunities -Recommendations for change -Justification of recommendations -Appropriateness of the proposed -solutions/interventions -Implementation process -Justification of proposed implementation process -Insights into change management reflected through -analysis, synthesis & critical reasoning -Overall quality of the arguments put in support of the conclusions reached -Engagement with the change management literature (breadth/depth of relevant reading reflected in the paper) Thanks"


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